Offering community and professional guidance to people of color who need natural hair care

who is this meet up for?

when is it?

what tools do i need?

This Zoom meet up is targeted towards textured hair individuals including mothers and fathers of natural hair children. People with locs, protective styles and colored treated hair  are also welcome.

We will focus our first meet up on wash day. Please come with your hair already washed and ready to condition. 

-Towel or T-shirt ( to dry your hair)
-Spray bottle with water (with aloe water is a plus)
-Detangling brush or comb
-Deep conditioner or hair mask
-Plastic cap and hair clips
-Snack and beverage of choice
-A positive attitude

Sunday, December 12th, 2021
3pm PST/6pm EST
for a 90min-2 hour session 

Imporant Information:

COST: $20

All cameras must be on during the duration of the call. You and your hair must be visible. Come with questions!  This is a safe space to share and learn. Community is Everything so everyone needs to feel comfortable and included.